Traditional Lion Dance


Chinese New Year Mid Autumn Festival


30 Mins+



  • 2pcs of Lion Dance
  • Choy Cheng & Open Ceremony
  • For area within 3000sqft only, more than 3000sqft subject to extra charge


Elevate your events with the mesmerizing tradition of Lion Dance in KL & Malaysia! Our premier service brings the energy and symbolism of this cultural spectacle to your celebrations.

Immerse your guests in a world of vibrant performances, blending tradition and excitement. Whether it’s a corporate event or a joyous wedding, our professional lion dance ensures a captivating experience.

Why choose us? Our professional team, customizable packages, and the auspicious symbolism associated with the Lion Dance make us the preferred choice for event entertainment.

Capture the essence of tradition and invite good luck to your doorstep. Book our Lion Dance experience now and let the roar of fortune resonate through your special moments. Contact us for inquiries and reservations.


Traditional Lion Dance
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RM1888/Show 30 Mins+