Jawi Calligraphy Workshop

RM25/Pax (MOQ 35 Pax)

Hari Raya


4 Hours +/-



  • Included all required material & 1 onsite crew to guide.
  • Size: 20cm x 7.8cm


Jawi has been an integral part of the Malay culture since the dawn of Islam in the Malay Archipelago region. It shaped the identity and distinction of the Malays in the past. Jawi also acts as a link between culture and religion as the arabic letters are being used in the Holy Quran.


What words will we learn to write?
You may learn to write your own name translated into Jawi and festive wishes.
Are we provided with wrapper to keep our work?
Yes, transparent wrapper will be provided.
Any minimum pax order?
Yes, minimum order is 50 pax per day.
Jawi Calligraphy Workshop
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RM25/Pax (MOQ 35 Pax) 4 Hours +/-