Whack A Mole Machine


Game Rental


1 Day Rental



  • 1 x Whack A Mole Machine
  • Free Delivery & Setup within Klang Valley
Optional Add On

Optional Add On

  • Subsequent Day - RM500
  • Brand Wrapping on Machine - RM500
  • Event Crew - RM180 per Day


Whack A Mole Machine is game where the player uses a hammer to whack a moving mole that is automated to come out every few seconds. Simple & fun game, the more Mole the whack before the timer runs out, the higher the points you achieve. Like being competitive and challenges? What are you waiting for? Contact us to book Whack A Mole Arcade Game Machine for your event!


How to play?
Player have to insert tokens to activate the machine. Once activated, the timer will be counting down and player will have to hit the mole to score as much as possible.
Can we put sticker on the machine?
Yes, full wrap for the machine is available.
How the screen work?
The digital screen are able to support JPG slideshow or mp4 video format through a thumb drive.
Whack A Mole Machine
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RM1250/Machine 1 Day Rental