Carnival Game Booth


Kids Party Entertainment Game Equipment Rental


1 Day Rental



  • With 3ft x 6ft Table
  • 1x Crew Per Booth
  • Minimum Order 2 Booths


Our Carnival Game Booths are consist of Table Top Games measuring 3ft x 3 ft (minimum). Each carnival game booth includes 3ft x 6ft table and 1 crew to handle each game station and guide the players. Additional sets of game props in one booth are available upon request, if the space accommodates.

All the game difficulty level and games scoring system can be set from easy, medium to hard, if you have winning prizes to give out. Our carnival game booths does not include prizes, client may have preferences for prizes to be given. Our carnival game booth crew will manage the prizes for you by setting each game stations difficulty level according to your quantity of prizes.


Can we customize the game booth theme?
Yes you may, charges will be applicable. Kindly contact our booking advisor for further details.
Will you be providing the prizes?
No, prizes are advised to be self prepared, therefore you may choose the prizes as per your preference.
Can you help me supply the prizes?
Yes, but service charge will be applied for handling & logistics. Kindly contact our booking advisor for further details.


Carnival Game Booth
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RM450/Booth 1 Day Rental