Mini Petting Zoo


National Day Easter Day


6 Hours



  • Mini Farm Set-up
  • 15 types of animal Options
  • Cages
  • Baricade


You don’t have to make a trip to the zoo, we can bring a mini zoo to you. Your guest are free to feed and curdle the animal and get up close with exotic reptiles as well. Our animals include:

1. Cochin chicken
2. Serama Chicken
3. Rabbit
4. Jacobin Pigeon
5. Curly Hair Pigeon
6. Fantail Pigeon
7. Guinea Pig
8. Hamster
9. Corn Snake
10. Rat Snake
11. African Spurred Tortoise
12. Red Foot Tortoise
13. Blue Tongue Skink
14. Bearded Dragon
15. Scincus Scincus
16. Golden Skink
17. Albino Pacman Frog
18. Lamb


How much of space do you need?
At least 30 meter square to 50 meter square, but can be set up in different areas. Location recce session is preferable.
What about the smell cause by the animals?
With sufficient ventilation, the smell should be manageable.
Are your animals safe for close contact?
Yes, our animals are vaccined and we do send them for routine check-up with the veterinary.
Mini Petting Zoo
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RM4000/set 6 Hours