Christmas Band

RM3000/2 Pcs Band



2 Sets of 45 Mins



  • 2 Pcs Live Band (Vocalist, Musician options: Pianist, Guitarist, Saxophonist or Violinist)
Optional Add On

Optional Add On

  • Additional Pcs Live Band - RM1500
  • PA System - from RM1200


Looking to hire a live band for your events or parties in Malaysia? Having a live band to spices up your events & parties, engages your audience, and simply livens up the atmosphere. Whatever you feel like doing, we know just the right live band to book or hire for your next event.

Choose from a range of music genres from pop rock, jazz, R&B, swing, classic evergreen, all the way to bossa nova. Whether you have a preference for English, Malay or Mandarin songs, we strive to provide versatile style palatable to a wider range of audience.

Hire a live band with Gigsmore today. Our fantastic booking advisor are available to assist throughout the entire booking. You won’t be disappointed! Get in touch.


What language of song can your live band perform?
Most language are English, Mandarin or Cantonese. If you have any special request language, you may let us know. We will try our best to arrange for you!
Does my event need to prepare PA or sound system for the live band?
Yes, if you do not have it, we also provide PA system rental service, if your event doesn't have one. (Additional charges for this service will be applied.)
Would you prepare us a song list?
Yes, of course. We will definitely prepare a song list for you, but you let me know if you require any special request song. We are happy to sing it as well!
What instrument will you provide in your live band?
For 2 pcs live band, usually is Vocalist + Pianist. For 3 pcs or 4 pcs live band, you may select add on Saxophonist, Violinist or Guitarist.


Christmas Band
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RM3000/2 Pcs Band 2 Sets of 45 Mins