From RM2000/Emcee

Wedding Entertainment Christmas


Half Day



  • Bilingual or Multilingual Emcee
  • Fluent in English, Malay, Cantonese or Mandarin


With extensive experience in engaging, motivating, inspiring and entertaining, whether you refer to them as the master of ceremonies, the emcee or event hosts. They are the ideal way to ensure the success of an event.

No matter it is an wedding dinner, an award ceremony, a gala dinner, a team-building event, or even a birthday party, our in-demand event emcee are guarantee to motivate and entertain with their highly professional and animated styles.

An event emcee can keep a crowd involved at any event by integrating games and fun, while also providing your guests with an engaging host for the event & know how to keep your guests enthusiastic and excited all event long!

If you’re interested in booking our emcee, get in touch with us now and check our availability for your next event!


Do you have a different charge for different event?
  • Roadshow / Carnival / Family Day – Starting from RM2000+
  • Annual Dinner / Gala Dinner / Launching Event – Starting from RM3000+


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From RM2000/Emcee Half Day