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National Day


10 Mins



  • Sand Art Performance


Book our Malaysia’s Sand Artist combines everything from culture, fashion, art & of course music. Creates wonderful and magical stories that emerge right in from of your audiences’ eyes, be it a live feed performance.

Our sand artist creates miracles by using grains of sand and his fingers, accompanied by music. He will tell you a story, with frame movements, and transitions using grain of sand projected into big screen from the industrial style light box underneath.

He can incorporate company logos and specific imagery to relate to your special event, making it perfect entertainment for corporate events, product launches, advertising, exhibitions, weddings and more.


Are we able to customize or add our storyline, logo or image into your sand art performance?
Yes, of course. We will gather all the requirement & information from your side and do a customisation sand art show. And will send you a demo video within 7 days + 3 time amendments.
What do you need for the live performance on event?
Basically we need a banquet table, power supply & video cable for live feed.


Sand Artist
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RM6000/Artist 10 Mins