Speed Glitter Painting


Wedding Entertainment


5 Mins



  • 1 Customize Drawing (Size: 3ft x 4ft)
  • Free Gift Masterpiece
Optional Add On

Optional Add On

  • Additional Painting & Artist - RM2800
  • Additional Violinist - RM2300


How do you make an event into a special and unforgettable moment ? A large sized portrait and performance carried out before your very eyes. A unique and personalized gift guaranteeing emotion in the VIP & audience.

Our highly skilled speed glitter artists can paint large portraits of iconic figures, company logos, customize picture and even CEOs in less than 5 minutes and can incorporate all manner of branding and bespoke designs making them the perfect choice for corporate events celebrations and product launches.


What is Free Gift Masterpiece mention in the includes?
Free Gift Masterpiece means that the final glitter painting artwork are allow to give to your VIP or you can keep it.
What can you draw with the glitter painting?
It could be your VIP, special guest portrait or your company logo.
What is the color of the glitter ?
Either to be silver or gold. You may let us know which color you prefer.
Can we mix the color of glitter?
No. only can choose either silver or gold.


Speed Glitter Painting
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RM3200/Painting 5 Mins